different age regression specialized ladies

                                        Different age regression
                         specialized Ladies 

                 THE HEADMISTRESS 
It is the mostly practiced roleplay by pro and lifestyle dommes You will recognize her with her strict attire, dressed in a suit. She decides everything! She gives punishments to the ugliest and punishes as well. Headmistress is usually called Madam! Know that your next visit to her office ... will mean punishment!

 She is an expert of spanking, the cane and leather twase! Whether adult Baby / Toddler, adult boy or sissy maid, you often come across her laps to take care of your buttocks when she judges as you need! You'll recognize her through her strict outfits  or Domme attire.

She usually deals with ABs and Adult toddlers  she proceeds to the toilet, medical examination, if necessary hair removal, transformation and sissification. She inspects subjects, morning and evening. She may decide to punish you and chastise you. She is recognizable thanks to her nurse or Nanny uniform and generally has a full equipped nursery room for all kind of ABDL games. She is tender as she can be strict. She change ABs and Adult toddler, wash them, spoon feed them and she is in charge of their education.


We usually associate the ABSitter as a kinky studient girl or self age regressed girl. She loves to take in charge of the education of the ABs and adult Toddlers but she supervises other patient types and the Sissy Maids. She usually behaves like a big sister, or a nasty AB Sitter! You'll recognize her with her schoolgirl outfits, or even of old fashioned fancy dresses. She is not only watching you, but she also has the right to chastise you immediately on site at your every disobedience! You will have to call "miss". Generally, the ABSitter loves to humiliate and tease ABs and Adult Toddlers. 

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