Featuring nanny ABsitter Nurse Mommy

                                  FEATURING              NANNY/ABSITTER/NURSE/MOMMY

                   NANNY CHARLYN

Mistress Charlyn is well known pro-dominatrix specialized on forced sissification and slavery. She is becoming our ABC & D Main Nanny and she already deals with the education, the discipline of naughty adult babies and adult toddlers! Nanny Charlyn will force you into age regression and for sure, diaper and cute dress will be your best punishment!   

She has a lovely passion for humiliation! naughty adult lil'ones will know once they will dare to ask for her services as Nanny! She is far away to pamper you! She loves to spank and whip the disobedient and capricious adult little one who deserves! 

Diapers, waterproof plastic or rubber panties, nice sissy dresses, onesies. You will be submitted to several treatments as potty time, medical, spoon feeding, cornertime, humiliation and much more! 
She also offers ONLINE//Webcam sessions and full trainings! 
                You can have excellent videos HERE  

                          FRANCE - PARIS  
                Nurse Olympe Chantelouve. 
Outside BDSM Pro Domination. Ms Olympe Chatelouve is dealing with ABs and other little ones for professional nursing. She's receiving in full equipped nursery. AB caring and Discipline for naughty little ones. 

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