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                                        "Why do you put your hands there!" 
                                        " You will eat your mashed spinash, spoon by spoon!" 
                                     "Look at that naughty boy! He touches himself!!!" 
                               "It's your turn! Toddler! Let HeadMistress inspecting you!!!" 
                                           "So... Tell me what a so naughty toddler deserves
"Who is wearing waterproof panties and get pacifier 
in a mouth! Me???"

                                                     Training future nannies 
                                        "Shhhh! Lil'Girl, It is just a good paddling!" 
                              "Feel ashamed? Lil'boy! That is for your good!"
                                      "Naaughty boys can't eat with us!"
                               "Come in Baby! come to present yourself to Nanny!"
                                "You know why I came? To spank you hard!"
"He wears nice romper, Is he diapered too?"


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