Saturday 1 October 2016

GET YOUR FREE ABC&D Journal Issue 0

                WE HAVE LAUNCHED 
                  "ABC&D JOURNAL"                                                    FREE Issue 0 
There we go! ABC&D Journal become true! We have published that Special Issue 0 to promote our new publication! The ABDL World has its own Magazine! 
This promotional issue feature the content we will display 
To ask for your copy, it's simple! 
Send us an email to 
We will return ASAP this E-zine 
We suggest you to downlad the free 3DFlip reader to open our journal

Yourself, you can be a contributor of our new venture! 
We are always in the need of ABs/Sissified adult lil ones/Nannys, Mistresses specialized on Age play who could contribute in this project! We strongly need of a devoted 
webmaster to set up a new website in the near future where we could display E-boutique and membership section. Some people who can help us by promoting ABC&D Journal and publications, Or simply by send us your stories, your artworks, your comments... 
contact us
Obj "ABC&D Contribution" 

Tuesday 30 August 2016

                  SOON RELEASED !!!

Yes! ABC&D will release fresh new books! With the success of "Turned into lil'Ones" illustrated by Laurent Lebeau, we have decided to publish a second book with the latest artworks from the artist. many of those artworks will serve for new stories
 Then "ABs Discipline Illustrated", this one  is an excellent 160 pages photo-montages with comments realized on photoshop and featuring nannies, Mistresses, ABsitters dealing with Abs. You should not miss it at all!!! 

Sunday 7 February 2016

             MISTRESS CHARLYN 
                          As Nanny 
Mistress Charlyn is a delicious and nevertheless very strict Dominatrix living between Cebu and Bangkok. We know her specializing on forced sissification but be advised naughty ABs can beg for her strict Nanny services. She is becoming the official ABC & D Nanny 
   have a look 

Tuesday 2 February 2016

The ABC & D Journal project 

We all know how it is difficult to set up and publish ABDL stuff and but we still have the project to create a fanzine for us! Before all, we have submitted a question to ABDL lovers and players if they will be interested on a special magazine. A major part of them answered us "YES" that will be awesome to have our publication. However, we will work on the first issue as E-zine only. 
If you want to be part of this new adventure, please send us your intentions! We will let our pages for your expression, experiences, art and stories about ABDL word!
thanks for your support and sympathy!  

Tuesday 9 June 2015

                           Paris - France 
She is an amazing specialized nurse! She is really attractive and very professional! She welcome her ABs, adult toddler, sissified one on full equipped room in Paris. She can be tender as she can be severe. She particulary enjoys the old fashioned style
Dare to meet her by clicking the banner just bellow